Just another day

Once again a long pause in posting. Just get caught up in… like everything :)) Next year I will have my second PhD and starting from now I need to start preparations for that. It is fun, actually, being busy with experiment, helping young students to overcome problems with their experiment, sometimes being puzzled by what to do next and how to find a way in cobwebs of the science world.

The days are passing… I remember that I was told when I was a kid that university years are the happiest years of your life. I guess for me it is now when I am doing my second PhD. Although I live in a foreign country and I had some problems in the beginning, I do enjoy my research life now. I guess I haven’t felt it in a while, enjoying just everyday life. Of course, I get tired or frustrated sometimes, but in general, my life is a lot of fun. So, I need to write here more often, to share the fun 😉

But for today I will leave hear one of my favourite songs with Yokohama views on the background. Check it out, I love this city so much, it gorgeous. The name is translated [Happiness is…] (I guess… 🙂 ).

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