When everything goes wrong

When everything goes wrong, and I am starting questioning every little thing about myself: “am I doing it right”, “am I being stupid”, “is there a problem with my personality”… And many other hurtful questions are eating my self-esteem and confidence, I am grateful to the point of crying that I am living in a world with IT. In times like this, it is priceless that my smartphone can do just about everything and keeps those smile-moments for me to rediscover them again.

Just another day, when I thought that there got to be something wrong with my head because I just can’t think of any at least slightly plausible idea for my work, I found a video with Fusha watching her first snow in Japan.

And this is all I need to remember that there is happiness in this world, and after night there is always dawn, you just need to hang in there a moment longer.

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